Lures for Bass Fishing: Right Lure lands Big

Large Mouth Bass

Use the Right Bass Lure at the Right Place

The excitement and amateur nature of bass fishing have made this sport one of the most attractive among the outdoor lovers. Because of availability of bass fishing places and with the technological development of bass fishing equipment bass fishing has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. Like many other game fish, lures and bait for bass fishing will vary based on what type of bass you are fishing for, weather conditions, time of the day, sun light, location of fishing, depth of water etc. The following suggestions are designed to make your bass fishing gear selection easy and effective.

Bass Fishing Jigs

Jigs with heavy lead heads with single hook are preferred choice for many bass anglers. bass fishing jigs
This is the most useful and easy to use bait for bass fishing. Jigs and lead heads are available in many different colors, so using a bright colored jig in murky water or low light conditions and less bright color jigs in clear water or bright light conditions will produce good result. Bass angler must remember that jigs are designed with presentation in mind, so when using them make the correct movement and you will be able to get hit from the lazy bass sitting down in the water or the one’s that are hiding in depth.

Bass Fishing with Rubber Worms

Almost all fish love worms for food. For anglers who don’t want to handle real worms, rubber worm is the way to go. Rubber Worm for Fishing
The weight of the lead head with the rubber worms makes it easy to cast and will take the worm to the bottom slowly. Some worm will come without a lead head and they are build to be used without a lead head, the weight of the worm will do the job. Usually bass strikes when the worm is descending. If no strike occurs and the bait hit’s the bottom, just reel it and cast again. Rubber eels work great for Bass too.

Bass Fishing with Spinner Bait

Spinner baits are baits with a metal attachments that spins during reeling. Spinner Bait for BassCrank Bait for BassPopper for FishingRubber GrubsTube BaitsVibrator Fishing One big reason why bass fishing is so popular is baits and lures are the prime means to fish for it. Most anglers will never go for live bait or use real food for bass. But the truth is live bait especially live minnows work great for bass. Real worms works great for bass too. Many anglers reports great results using rubber eel for bass fishing.
Some believes that eels eat bass eggs, so when a bass sees eel, even if it doesn’t want to eat it, it will attack the eel. People catch stripped bass with kastmasters all the time. Kastmaster is noting but a shiny piece of metal with a hook at the end of it.
In this article we covered the most commonly used baits and lures for bass fishing. There are also some baits and lures used by anglers. If you happen to get a tip on one of those from a fellow anger, try it out, and let us know so that we can share with every one else.
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Happy fishing.