Lobster Fishing in Detroit River ??

Lobster in Detroit River ?

I moved to Michigan recently and had to change my fishing style as I was not close to the sea anymore. I heard that the great lakes are great for fishing for catfish and for silver bass. I started fishing with lures then moved to live minnows and then started using chicken gizzard which usually works great for Catfish. with all that I was using, was barely getting any success. I feel like I haven’t found the right fishing spots.

One Sunday afternoon I drove all the way to the end of Southfield road into John Dingell Park and started fishing in Detroit River. I was using chicken gizzard hoping for some river cats but nothing was happening except for the currents moving my cast 50 feet away from where I was casting.

At some point I was feeling like “this fishing spot won’t work for me”. That is when I had a hit. The line started moving to left and right, I started wheeling. finally started to enjoy fishing in Detroit River. when I could see the shape of the medium size Catfish, it got stuck in a big pile of floating hay like weed. the weed was so crazy heavy that I lost hope of landing the Catfish. And to increase my frustration the Catfish did what they do very well, it started spinning. I had 30 lb line on the reel but a spinning cat with the line stuck on weed can break any kind of line. And happened the worst. The line broke and the Cat got away with my 4oz weight and the hook. I was really frustrated.

I set up my line and cast again with a chicken gizzard. this time I cast it very near to avoid all that weed in the water. But it was getting late and the flies and mosquitoes started to sing in front of my ear and nose. I had my son with me who is allergic to mosquito bites, so I had to start packing up. like I always do, I packed up the tackle box first, then I clean up my fishing spot and then started wheeling the line and to my surprise it felt heavier than usual. It was too light to be a Catfish, but I could feel something on the hook, again it was not moving at all. when the hook was out of the water, I had the biggest surprise of my fishing life. it was the biggest shrimp I had ever seen. this dude was on the hook as if he put his arm in the middle of the hook to get a quick lift to the world above. first I thought it was a lobster but “Lobster in Detroit River ?” can’t be. Then I looked closely and realized it’s nothing but a very old giant shrimp. It turned dark brown, almost black because of age. All the park goers and anglers around me gathered to see it and they said none of the them had ever seen anything like this in Detroit river. My 3yrs old boy was so excited to see the shrimp.

Although I didn’t catch anything large but the Giant Shrimp made it an interesting fishing trip. I am still trying to find good fishing spots in Wayne county. anyone know of any good fishing spots please leave me a tip here.