Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

fly fishing

Fly Fishing at the creek.

Welcome to the world of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is fun, good workout and a great way to use your free time, it is also one of the most popular method of angling in North America and many parts of the world. An angler practicing fly fishing can be a lot better with conservation compared to live bait anglers. In recent years fly fishing has gained tremendous popularity and its increasing every day. Fly fishing is a very good way to conserve nature and at the same time its also the ultimate way of angling to enjoy aquatic recreation. Fly fishing is the way to go whether you go site fishing or you do your fishing on a boat.

Fishing gear needed to start fly fishing

Getting started with fly fishing is easy and simple. You will need to have three things right to get started, must have the right fishing rod, need a line to match it and you will have to learn the correct casting technique.

Below is a list of the things you will need to pay attention to if you want to get into the sport of fly fishing:

Material of the fly fishing rod:

Fly fishing rods can be expensive. You would not want to start with one of the expensive ones. For a beginner, hollow glass rod is advised since it will not require as much care as a bamboo rod and if the rod is damaged you will not have to replace the whole set.

Fly Fishing Line:

No one can improve fly casting skills with rod not in love with the line. Most of the times when a fly caster fails to bring out the action is because the line would be too light for it. Not matter what fish you are catching, from a perch to the biggest bass you have to use the same size line. The line you will chose is not for what fish you are catching, its for the rod you are using.
In choosing the size of the line, you should get a C level, an HCH double taper or a GBF three-diameter. Most importantly read the label of the rod, it will tell you what line to get. Use a backer line that will work well with the rod and fly line. For the right backer line, check the recommendation on the fly line and the rod.

Cast the right way:

When casting, make sure you cast a straight line. Try to get about 20 feet of line out on your cast. Avoid jerky movement. Take it easy when casting, fly casting can get ruined if you cast with taunt muscles.
The best possible way to learn good casting technique is to go fishing and spend some time with some other fly fisherman who are doing it for a while.

Brave Angler’s note: The best fishing lessons you will ever learn are the lessons you learn on the site of fishing.

Choosing a Fly Fishing Rod

A good angler thinks before buying a fishing rod

The most important fishing gear you will need to choose for fly fishing is the fly fishing rod. The art of fly fishing is simple but it’s a precise one. When you cast towards a boil of a Bass or Trout, you want to be sure your rod will send your fly precisely where you want it to go, not too far away not too short. You also need to know that your fishing gear wont fail you when you go fishing in mountains or after a mile of hike.

Fly fishing is not a very easy way of fishing but it’s a simple one, but the world of fly fishing rods is not a simple one. For many years bamboo rods have been the rods of choice for fly fishing. In today’s fishing world, bamboo fly rods are considered vintage, classic and even collectible. Because with the increase in popularity of fly fishing and availability of technology the industry of fly fishing rods have boomed and changed the world of angling. As a result, you have a huge selection of different fly fishing rod to choose from.

Things to consider when choosing a fly rod

Most fishing rods today are made from carbon fiber or graphite also called fiber glass. Overall, you want a rod that will let you make precise casts to where you want to cast, will allow you to have control on your line in the water and will let you bring the fish to you. Often in tough water conditions fish will fight with a lion heart, will your rod be able to withstand the fight ? Considering all these, how to choose the right one ?

What fish are you targeting ?

When choosing a fishing rod the first thing to consider is what fish you are planning to go for. A trout will go for the bait differently than a bass. They will also fight differently. A fishing rod that will hold a crappy may not do well for a blue fish.

Where do you go fishing ?

Secondly, the locations where you mostly go fishing will also tell you what kind of rod to go for. If you do most of your fishing in smaller streams where you need precise, gentle and short casts, you should get full flex rod. These fishing rods are more flexible than other rods and will allow you to take short but precise casts. It will also let you feel the fish more when hooked.

If you mostly go fishing in larger streams, you might want to go for a stiff rod. But if your budget doesn’t allow you or simply you don’t want to have too many rods for different fishing purposes, you should go for a medium flex fishing rod. It will give you the flexibility for short casts and will also give you the necessary stiffness for a good fight when you face a tough fish or fish gets into a difficult spot. As this rod is in between full flex rod and stiff rod it will give you the necessary sensitivity on the line and also you will be able to cast with it more precisely and farther than a full flex rod. This is in fact the most popular type of fly fishing rod.

A “fast action” or stiffer rod is good for tougher waters, heavy windy conditions, big river or fishing in the sea.

Whatever fishing rod you get for your angling needs, make sure you get the right fishing line and the right backer line to go with them.