Must Have Fishing Accessories

Fishing Rods

To enjoy the sport of fishing and feel the art of it, there are some “Must Haves” for any one without which you can’t go fishing at all. Also there are some other commonly used accessories which will make fishing a lot enjoyable. The best way to get started with fishing is to learn about the tools for fishing, learn about the options you have in fishing and to get the fishing gear and accessories together so that you can enjoy your fishing day.

To get started with fishing equipment, fishing rod and reel are the most fundamental. You can go with the basic sets if you have some experience or you can go for the fancy ones. If buying for children, safety should always be the first concern. There are several companies that manufactures fishing rods and reels specially designed for children’s use, they actually work pretty good for kids to fishing safe. You should also choose basic tackle items including hooks, fishing lines, sinkers, and floaters or bobbers. Nose pliers are very useful when knotting a hook. To keep all your fishing accessories organized what you need is a tackle box. Tackle boxes can cost as low as $6.00. A net can be very useful for pulling out a fish out of the water. Based on what size of fish you catch, your net has to be small or big. Smaller fish can escape through the gaps in a large net so net size is important. If fishing different size of fish, two net of two different size is an option to consider.

If your style is to cast and relax with a beer or a book or lot times when you cast and wait for a bite, an electronic alarm might be very useful. Especially when you’re fishing in a windy day or fishing at night, this wonderful device will make your fishing a lot easier and less confusing. It allows your fishing line to thread through it’s slot in the alarm head. When there is a bite, the alarm goes off and the LED light flashes to let you know that something in the other end of the line is waiting for you.

Dressing up for fishing is very important. Imagine you are going fishing on a boat away from the shore wearing light clothing and find it’s too cold to bear. The whole fishing trip will be wasted. Check the weather news, dress well to be comfortable with the temperature. You’ll need a fishing hat and sunglasses. Polarized sun glasses are a lot better for fishing compared to regular sunglasses because they reduce the glare of the wave a lot and make it a lot easier to see what’s under the water. Depending on quality and location of purchase these glasses can cost as low as $5.00 to $700. If not wearing long sleeve cloths, you must use sun block to prevent getting sun burn. For site fishing a wader can increase the fun a lot. With a wader you can walk into the water up to chest deep waters. If you love site fishing in tidal water, a wader is a must. Waders can cost from $45.00 to $500.00. A vest with a lot of pocket in it is another option to consider. For fishing in fall and spring, a good water proof jacket is almost necessity. Gloves and rain suits can be useful as well.

Some other items to consider for fishing are fillet knife, line clipper, flashlights, wading shoes, scissors and fishing belt. A gaff can be useful for game fishing. A tackle bag can be used instead of a tackle box, pliers and pocket thermometer can also be useful. If fishing on a boat, a fish finder can turn fishing into catching. A fish finder will show you where the fish are and you can actually go to them and cast.

Having enough fishing accessory to get the job done makes fishing a lot better. Imagine you loose a bait and don’t have any more left in your tackle box. So its important to plan before heading out to fish and prepare your tackle box with enough supply for the trip.

Most of these fishing accessories are available online or in baits and tackle store near you.

To avoid wasting money, make sure first you decide what kind of fishing you want to go for and what fish you want to catch. Different baits and lures works for different fish and you will need different fishing gear for different fishing locations. As an example if you always for site fishing, you wont need a fish finder or if you always go fishing on a boat, you wont need a wader. How to decide which fishing gear to get ? You can read books on fishing. The publication for anglers in your state is a very good source of where to go for what fish ? Your local bait and tackle store should be a very good source of information. But most of all, the best source of information on fishing is other anglers. When you go fishing notice what other anglers are doing. Anglers are usually very friendly with other anglers. Ask them about what fish they are fishing for, what bait or lure they are using. Ask your family and friends who loves fishing. If you can team up with a fishing buddy, fishing would be a lot more fun.