Fishing Etiquette

Fishing Etiquette No Etiquette when fishing with others can create a Fishing War.

Angling with others

Recently I took my son fishing. I found out that one of the ponds of our town was stocked with trout the previous day. The words were spreading fast that the pond was stocked with about 2200 Rainbow Trout. Obviously I was not the only one who had this information. When we reached the pond I felt like the whole town was there to get their share of the Trout. The size of the trout released into the pond was about 10-12 inch range, some were even over 12 inches. It was like a zoo at the bank of the pond. As I watched others fishing, I felt like most of them has no idea of proper fishing etiquette. When anglers doesn’t know some etiquette of fishing, fishing becomes chaotic.

When I started fishing with my fishing buddy Stan Vern a very good friend, he started by giving me tips on the rules of the water. He always said “when you share a fishing location with other anglers, show them respect and they will do the same to you”. In fact the best way to learn about a fishing location and about anything about fishing is from your fellow anglers, so you do want to show some courtesy when you are fishing with others.
As I watched many fishing veterans, I notices that they are all fishing with a sense of unity among. You have to pay special attention to how you cast when you are fishing with other anglers. You would never want to cast on top of another’s fishing line. It doesn’t take much to get the lines tangles up and create nuisance. When fishing close to other anglers, wait for your turn to cast. Not to mention saying hello hi sometimes.

To talk about that fishing trip to the pond with my boy, my boy’s and my lines were out in the water casted about 2 / 3 feet apart and there comes another fisherman, drops his stuff on the ground like he doesn’t care about the world and SPLASH goes his cast right over two of our lines. After few minutes when I wanted to check my bait, all three rods started to bounce like crazy. We had all our lines tangles up only because of one bad, careless cast.

Everyone has their own reason for going fishing. Some goes fishing for food, some goes for fun, some loves to spend time in nature and some goes fishing for just sport. Many anglers like me will have fun and sport in the top of the list. How much fun can you have if you have to spend time untangling your line with another’s multiple times a day ? Its not just waste of time, waste of line and bait its also very very annoying. I am not saying everyone will cast where you want them to cast, but cast without bothering your fellow angler. And when your cast goes to the wrong place, fix it right away. Remember this tip, most of the times if your cast goes over another’s line, reel it fast before your bait sinks too far. This way you will be able to retrieve your hook and bait over the other line before it touches it.

Going back to that fishing trip to the pond, as our fishing day went on, it got more and more annoying as the same angler went on casting wherever, his casts were going everywhere and getting tangles up with ours. It appeared that he doesn’t really care that he was causing such frustration for others around him. After fishing for about an hour I felt like we were not paying attention to fishing anymore, we were paying more attention to his casting to keep our lines safe. I had enough of it. I grabbed my rod and got my boy packing up too. So ended our fishing for that day.

I am sharing this story hoping that it will remind us to be courteous to other anglers and encourage to follow some simple fishing guidelines.

Always remember:
a. If your cast doesn’t go where it should, wheel it back and cast again.
b. There is always enough space for fishing for everyone so please yield to the space of the angler next to you. Unless you are looking for combat fishing, it’s a different story.
c. If you are annoyed by something the other angler does, he will be annoyed when you do it, so show your respect and you shall receive the same.

Happy fishing.