Freshwater Trout Fishing

Fresh water trout

History of Fishing on Earth is about 40,000 years old. It started as a way of collecting food but today for many communities in different parts of the world, fishing was a means for survival. As civilization made progress fishing didn’t just become an inseparable part of our diet, it also became a very attractive sport for many community around the world. Especially in North America it’s a very popular sport.

Anglers tend to learn and find different new ways to fish. There is a very strong need of different contexts of fishing tips and techniques. For most anglers learning about different types of fishing is very exciting and interesting. Fishing Books and fishing articles are like the shortcut ways to get experience on fishing.

Trout Fishing

Trout is a common freshwater fish. They are usually at the top of the food chain of the water body they live in and the Trout is considered a very good sport fish. In the past the success of Trout fishing would be judged by how many of these fish an angler had caught. But over fishing caused this species to decline in numbers greatly. Today due to regulations and due to educated angling, the number of trout is on the rise again. Most angler these days practice catch and release of Trout which makes and angler responsible and caring for the sport of fishing and also for the environment. This also preserve the population of fish for generations to come.

Brown Trout

The Brown Trout is the most popular trout among the trout anglers, they are commonly found in many streams on the northern USA and Canada. They also put up a good fight when hooked and provide a lot of excitement for the anglers. Catching a brown trout also is like a test of fishing skills. Brown Trout mostly feeds on the surface so its almost like designed for anglers. Especially for fly fishing, brown Trout is a good target. Its lives in cold water, usually in lakes and streams. A lot of times Brown Trout is seen jumping out of the water. The world record Brown Trout was caught in 1992 in Arkansas which weighed about forty pounds.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout is one of the most glamorized fish for fishing. Its also one of the most popular among the anglers. But its actually not a Trout at all. Scientist have recently determined that the Rainbow Trout is actually a smaller species of the Pacific Salmon. Rainbow trout is considered a peaceful fish. Even though its family heritage is not the same they coexist in the same water body with other species of fishes. The brown trout lives in calmer, slow moving water but the rainbow trout is the opposite. Its lives in oxygen rich fast moving water. Its beauty and fight during angling makes it a favorite among the anglers.

Brook Trout or The Brookie

There is another species of Trout that is not actually a trout. Known as “Brookie”, the brook trout is found in the cooler streams of the north-eastern USA. Its actually related to the Char. The Brooke Trout is more related to the lake trout rather than a member of the trout family. The brook trout is a special attraction for an angler for it is found only in the wilderness waters. Presence of the brook trout in a water body tells the angler that the water of that place is pure and the ecology is still unpolluted. The brook trout is well known for its beauty. Its also know as an dumb fish as there are many fish that are harder to catch. A fourteen pound Brookie was caught in the Nipigon River in Ontario Canada that set the world record for Brook trout.

Other Trouts

There are some other trout species out there. Red trout is one of them. It usually hides in weed and treered trout branches. And there is the deeper water lake trout. Most of these trouts are protected by law to maintain their population. The law requires anglers to release trouts of up to a certain size. The size varies from state to state. An angler should know about the legal size to bring home before you set out go trout fishing. With these programs and responsible angling practice, trouts will continue to provide the anglers fun for many years to come.