Starter Tips on Bass Fishing

Small Mouth Bass

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For a novice angler it is excitement and curiosity that drives him to try many different types of fishing. Usually it takes up some time to decide what type of fishing you want to go for. Although I enjoy all kinds of fishing, I go for bass fishing most of the times but I also enjoy some seasonal fishing. When bass fishing is not good I also go for other different types of fishing. Its always fun trying new fishing techniques. But for a novice angler sometimes it might get a little confusing to decide what fishing to do or when to go for what. In this article I will try to give some idea that might help to decide why you should go for one of the most favorite past time Bass Fishing. I will share with you some secrets of bass fishing.

Introducing the Big Bad Bass

You need to know that, Bass is the name of the family, there are few different species of bass in the north American waters. Large mouth bass, Small mouth bass, Stripped bass are the most common members of the bass family. First you have to decide which bass you want to go for. Stripped bass can grow huge. The record size stripped bass caught so far was 84.4 pounds and 54 inch long. It was caught in august 2011 in Connecticut using a live eel. In the other hand record large mouth bass caught was 30 inches and 22 lbs when small mouth bass caught was over 11 pounds. So if you crave for the biggest bass, you might want to go for stripped bass fishing.
Most importantly you need to know where to find the right bass for you ? Are they available in areas you live ? How many miles you will have to drive to get to your preferred bass fishing locations ? Stripped bass are fun to catch. They are strong, fight a lot, aggressive but they live in moving waters. They usually move around from the sea into the rivers and vise versa. The mouth of a river is the best place to fish for stripped bass and because they follow the tide, you will have to check the tide forecast to go for them. Large mouth bass and small mouth bass are fresh water species. They spawn in abundance in large lakes, ponds and in some rivers. So if you live too far from the sea, large mouth bass and small mouth bass might be the options available for you. For more info about how to locate Bass habitat check out this article.

Lear about Bass

An important thing to know for an angler is what your targeted fish eats. When you know what the type of bass you want to catch, it becomes a lot easier to decide what bait or lure you want to use. But the good side of bass fishing is, bass eats almost anything that moves in the water and they love things that fall on the water and move. Its easy to create that situation by casting and reeling again and again. This is one reason why fly fishing for bass is so popular. Fly fishing is in fact one of the best way to enjoy bass fishing. Now some fishing lure may work better and some might not work too good depending on some influences from the environment. When fishing for stripped bass, Eel seem to work great. Live eel or even rubber eel works for stripped bass great. Also rubber minnows works for all species of bass. Rubber insects, frogs and anglers even have caught large mouth bass with plastic rat on a hook. When fishing in low light, bright colored baits and lures works better, when fishing in bright day light too bright color baits may not work too good.

Fishing location is another important thing to know about. Some anglers go for the deep waters to catch the biggest fish. But the truth is large mouth bass are usually found near rocks or under brush close to the shore. They are there all the year round you don’t have to think about the season when fishing for them except for extreme hot or cold weathers. Stripped bass will be in deeper water in hot summer days and they will be in shallower and warmer waters in cooler days.

Hope this will help you with your bass fishing.