Freshwater Fishing vs. Saltwater Fishing

What water body you prefer for fishing ?

Angling is fun, usually anglers enjoy it no matter what kind of water body he is fishing in. personally I love fishing of any kind. I love fishing in creeks and lakes surrounded by woods in a windy day because it makes casting easier. I also enjoy fishing in the beaches and mouths of the rivers when the day is sunny and less windy. But a lot of anglers love fishing exclusively on fresh water or saltwater. Possibly that’s why the DEP has two different type of fishing license available for anglers. Some angler will stand very strong with their decision, some will stand as strong as they will stand for their lovers.

The facts of Freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing

Lets talk about some facts about fishing in freshwater and saltwater fishing here.
When fishing with baits, freshwater fishing is usually slower paced fishing when you have to wait longer in between bites and catches. Sometimes its even harder to find fish in freshwater if you are site fishing. But Site fishing in freshwater is more productive compared to fishing on the beach. A lot of times lures will work better in freshwater compared to salt water which will save you time and money because you wont have to buy baits and wont have to fix the bait on the hook again and again.

In the other hand, fishing in saltwater can be fast paced and more challenging. If you can find the right spot and time for your saltwater fishing, you will catch left and right. The key to success in saltwater fishing is to go fishing at the right time. That is you will have to follow the movement of tides. Usually the best time for fishing in saltwater is from two hours before high tide to two hours after high tide. Usually when the tide is at its peak, fishing might slow down a little. Mouth of rivers are usually the best spots for fishing in saltwater. The reason of this kind of timing for fishing is, when the tide is half way in which is usually two hours before high tide, there will be enough water for all kind of fish to enter the river looking for food. Most of the coastal species of fish enters the rivers when with tidal waters and when the tides starts to go out they will follow the out going tide and go back to the sea. that’s why, if you go fishing at the mouth of a river at the right time, you will have hundreds of fish swimming you by. All you have to do is use your fishing skills and catch them. But the challenging part of saltwater fishing is, you will have to deal with the force of the incoming and out going tides. Using a wader is essential which makes this kind of fishing a little expensive but it increase your success a lot and at the same time you will have to deal with the tide current. Another problem with river mouth fishing is, you will have a lot of weed floating around you, especially end of spring and until mid fall there will be a lot of sea weed in the water. They can spoil the fun of fishing at the mouth of a river.

When and where to find fish

The truth is, the more challenging fishing gets, the more fun it becomes. When I started fishing at the mouth of a river, I knew a little about it. I was spending hours in the water wearing my wader in cold early spring and catching nothing. I was about to give up on that site. One day one of my buddies called me and told me that he was going to that spot. We went together and we caught a lot of fish. When I asked him he told me about the tide factor. I was going to the place at low tide, that’s why I was not catching anything. But after that, I had some of my most successful fishing in that very spot. All I had to do is get their when the tide is right, used rubber minnows and I did good. Best time for fishing in tidal waters is, right after the tide starts going out and right after it starts coming in. Marine fish tends to search for food more actively when the water is moving and they are less active when the tide is at its peak and it’s bottom.

Fishing pier does work

If you go fishing from a pier at the beach, you might want to use live bait, it will cost you some money but live baits usually work great. Another thing is because of all the baits from all the anglers on the pier, fish will be drawn close to the pier, so you wont have to worry about finding fish. The down side of fishing with live bait is, it will make you waste some time because you will have to put the bait on your hook every time you lose one and also you will need to learn what bait works for your prey.

The reality for millions of anglers is, freshwater fishing is better than no fishing. If you live far from the coastline, just enjoy freshwater fishing. But when you can, go for a fishing trip to the coast. It will change your mood and will be time well spent.