Taking Care of Bass Fishing Gear

Prepare for the big Bass

For a bass angler, the most important thing in the world of fishing is having the right equipment and being prepared. Having the right equipment ready when you need can be the key to success with bass fishing. When you are fishing for the biggest bass in the lake or the mouth of a river, having the right fishing gear might define the difference between failure and success.

The detail about bass fishing gear might go down to very specific or too technical that will sound too unfriendly to novice angler. But for true fishing lover these specifics will increase the curiosity and will lead him to learn more about fishing techniques. Having knowledge of some of these specifics of bass fishing will eventually help a lot in the long run with bass fishing. It will help an angler to save a lot of time and effort to hook the big bad basses.

Fishing rods and reels

The fishing rods and reels are like your investments on fishing. They can be expensive and are the most important tool for fishing. Without proper maintenance they will turn bad and will fail when you are fishing. Making sure that your rods and reels are well maintained is more important than buying the most expensive and reliable brands. When you are having an exciting battle between the big bass and you, you wouldn’t want to lose simply because you didn’t maintain your fishing rod and reel.

Check your rod before you go fishing. If you have two or three piece rods, carefully check the connecting ends. Look for damage and cracks. If there is any crack deal with it or have your bait and tackle store deal with it. If you fish a lot, its good to buy good brand rods as they will have warranty that will replace the rod if there is any damage before its life time.

Fishing Lines

A lot of times line guides will cause damage to your line when you are reeling in a fish. Checking the line guides with a Q tip will help to check for sharpness in the line guides.

If you fish every weekend or more, you should check your lines at least once a month. Look for damages, check if any part of the line is corroded, twined, tangled. Using swivels will minimize the damage to your fishing line a lot. Using stronger line for leader line and using a leader line longer than the fish you will catch will prevent damage to your fishing line a lot. If you are fishing for fish with sharp teeth like blue fish, you should use metal leaders with swivel. The best way to check your fishing line is pay attention to it when you are fishing.

Dress for the job

Proper clothing is another important thing to remember for any kind of fishing trip. You don’t want to go fishing in shorts and find its 20 degrees cooler at the river !! Temperature tends to be cooler by the water, the water might be warmer than the air but because of open space and blowing wind you will feel cooler. Checking the weather forecast is a good way to determine what clothing to put on when fishing. When fishing in fall or early spring, its always good to wear a good jacket because if you face warm weather you can take the jacket off but if you face too cold weather, you will be fine in your jacket. From my personal experience I have learnt that when fishing at the mouth of a river in fall or early spring, the temperature can drop dramatically and make the weatherman wrong. Its good to be prepared for it when you go fishing.

Inspect your fishing gear and head out for an exciting bass fishing trip.
Be sure to check your bass fishing gear first.