Bass Fishing : When and Where

Bass Fishing with family

An angler need to understand that different tools and techniques are required for fishing different species of fish. Types of fishing are generally divided into two categories, freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. Saltwater fish species are also referred to as marine species, seawater species. Different species of fish thrive in different type of water body when some are found in both types of water and some are found in different type of water in different times of the year.

Bass is a species that can thrive in both types of water. That is one reason why bass fishing is preferred by so many anglers. In fact after trout fishing, bass fishing is the most popular freshwater fishing. There are multiple sub species of saltwater bass and sea trout. Sea trout is also known as Weakfish for its smaller jaw capacity. Sport fishing of these two saltwater species are less popular compared to their freshwater cousins. Geography is also a big reason for this.

Angler who never enjoy bass fishing is almost never heard of. Bass puts up good fight which brings a lot of excitement when hooked. Large mouth and small mouth basses are good fighters. Catching them requires a lot of nerve, strength and skill of how the fish behave in different conditions. Compared to other predator fishes, bass is smarter and they can sometimes detect danger posed by an angler. When they sense danger, bass become cautious of baits or lures presented.
To do good in bass fishing, its important to understand habit, likes and dislikes of bass. Good knowledge on the following bass fishing tips will help succeed in bass fishing.

Right time to go bass fishing:

The best time for bass fishing is right before sun rise and sun set. Bass have sensitive eyes and they don’t like bright sun light. Early morning bass goes on a feeding frenzy on insects and flies and that’s a very good time to go bass fishing. Also right after sun rise when the light is still not very strong and the rays of the sun doesn’t hit the whole water body, bass will be very active in the water. that’s why fly fishing for bass is better early morning.

Before sunset is another time when bass bites a lot. Bass will come out in the shade and hunt on flies and other insets as well as smaller fishes when the sun is not strong. In cloudy days bass will be active even in mid days. A lot of anglers prefers to go bass fishing when the sky is cloudy with of without light drizzling rain. During the day if fishing in lakes, you will find them in reeds close to the shore.

Where the bass hides:

When the sun is strong and the water heats up during the mid days, bass will usually hide in the reeds and usually stays close to structures in the water. Casting to them can be trouble some at this time. If you can get a boat, you will do good bass fishing in mid day. If you don’t have a boat, get an inexpensive small rubber rafts that can carry two people.

Take your raft about 15 feet away from the shore and cast straight into the reeds. This will give you better results then fishing from the shore in sunny day.