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Night Fishing

Night Fishing at the pier

Day Fishing vs Night Fishing

I enjoy all kinds of fishing. But especially love night fishing. For people busy like me, its hard to find time to go fishing during the day. So fishing at night might be a better option. I started night fishing because I couldn’t make time to go fishing during the day. But after night fishing for few days I started loving it more than day fishing. I found out that the fishing condition during the day and night are almost the same. Sometimes night fishing produce even better results than day fishing. I am not sure why but I guess its because there is less competition with other anglers and the baits left by anglers during the day attracts fish to the fishing sites and also because of the quietness at night fishes roams freely compared to day time.
Also I found that when I go back to the same fishing spot I fished during the day, night fishing produces better results. The fish just seem to bite more at night. Although its harder to see the line at night, its worth the effort because you catch more fish at night. This might be the reason a lot of day anglers turn into night fisherman. A night angler told me once that he feels better with night fishing because he catches a lot more at night.

Prepare well for Night Fishing

To start night fishing, be sure to check the weather forecast for that night. It’s going to be more difficult to move around in the dark. Finding things will also be difficult so make sure you organize your tackle box before you head out to fishing. Make sure you have a good flash light with you. When you go fishing at night and the weather is bad, it might get too dangerous. If the weather is not good, better don’t risk fishing at night, but if you still go, try to find a fishing spot near to your vehicle when you are site fishing. If fishing on a boat, stay close to safe areas or the launch ramp. If your fishing spot is a hike away, better not go fishing there at night unless you know very well about the area and it’s wildlife. This is one simple rule many night anglers forget.

Night Fishing or Moon Fishing

One big reason why many anglers love night fishing is watching the night sky. Keep an eye on the moon when night fishing. It might sound strange but most night anglers notices that most fish hide in the shadows when the moon is full. This might be because they want to hide from predators but if you cast in shaded areas when the moon is big, you will have better results. Also it will help you to understand the weather changes. Also keep in mind that when the moon is big, the tide will be higher.
Keeping an eye on the moon is just one way to make your night fishing better but you don’t really have to depend on it. If there is moon light cast in the shadows, if there is no moon or the moon is not bright enough, just cast in your favorite fishing spot, you will get bites. Some anglers say, night fishing is better when there is no moon, but some say they go night fishing only when the moon is full. Its better if you figure out for yourself which works better for you.

Respect the Wildlife

Night fishing can increase the fun of fishing a lot more but some simple caution must be taken when night fishing. Checking the weather is always one thing to do. Learn about the area you are going fishing. Find out what wildlife you might face when you are going fishing. One of my buddies fishes a lot in a river somewhere in western Connecticut and catches a lot of trout. One day he was doing so good that he decided to stay late and do some night fishing. But just before the sunset he saw two cubs and a mama bear crossing the river about a hundred yards away from him. He didn’t even think of night fishing in that area anymore. Raccoons, possums and even few species of deer family can attack you when threatened and especially if they are accompanied by younglings. they will be aggressive when they have babies with them and when they feel like their territory is being invaded. Not to mention you have to watch out for snakes when fishing.
Be sure to gear up for night fishing. Always have your cell phone with you so that you can get emergency help if you need. A flash light is a must. Some fish will be attracted to flash light and come to the light on the water when some will go away from the light. If the weather is too cool, some hot coffee in a flask will help a lot. If you can keep the core of your body warm, cold weather wont be able to hurt you.

All of these are just for caution. As long as you use common sense, you will do good with night fishing. I can tell you this, go night fishing few times, you will fall in love with it.